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Submit Piece for Grading

Electronic submissions preferred, (but not required)

Download, fill out the document below, save and email to:

Do not forget to include a clean pdf copy of the score (will be destroyed after grading)!

Submissions to this list must be made no later than FEBRUARY 15 of the current school year (postmarked or electronic submissions) of the current school year.   If you send an original score, please include postage and a return envelope, so that I may return the score to you. 

Please do not submit the following:

  • Marches

  • Pop or movie arrangements/transcriptions

  • Orchestra transcriptions that are poor quality

Mailed submissions can be sent to:

George Washington High School

Attn:  Bobby Jenks - Band Director

1522 Tennis Club Rd

Charleston, WV 25314

Form to Submit Piece for Grading

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